Precast Modular Sections

The overwhelming advantages of a precast system over a cast in-situ system have led to the decision only to manufacture Tubular Track products in precast modular sections.

The advantages of precasting are the following:
  • A factory environment enables all products to be manufactured to the highest standards of quality and tolerance
  1. Accurate concrete batching ensures that design strengths are always achieved
  2. Concrete curing can be properly managed
  3. Modules are cast in moulds which enable dimension tolerances to within 1mm to be achieved
  4. Upside-down casting eliminates under-filling of bags
  5. Correct track geometry is maintained during pumping
  6. Rail seats are perfectly formed in the moulds
  7. Rail seats are able to accommodate a variety of rail sizes
  8. Quality control and quality assurance programmes can easily implemented and managed
  9. Working under cover improves quality and productivity
  • The factory can be sited close to sources of labour, water and other resources, with concomitant social and financial advantages
  • Women can be employed in the manufacturing process
  • Precast modules are delivered to site with minimal or no damage to the environment. Cast in-situ operations are not environmentally friendly
  • Modules can be laid quickly, easily and accurately
  • Traffic can be quickly accommodated (No waiting for concrete strengths to develop)
  • Should a derailment occur, damaged components and modules can be easily replaced
  • In mines, precast modular switches do away with the necessity to sling switches down shafts
  • A recent installation of Tubular Modular Sections in a Platinum Mine in South Africa resulted in:
  1. Increase of loco and hopper size
  2. Halving of turnaround time
  3. No rail breaks for 18 months
  • Precasting enables turnouts to be very accurately manufactured, and quickly installed