What is TMT?

TUBULAR TRACK is a patented, ballastless railway system having rails continuously supported on twin reinforced concrete beams laid on a specially designed formation.

dsc02282The beams are tied together with galvanised steel tie-bars, the ends of which encircle the beams, and are therefore not cast into the concrete.

The system is fully engineered, tested and quality assured, and WARRANTIES are offered based on correct installation and maintenance procedures being followed.

Site specific designs are done to suit the Clients’ needs in respect of varying axle loads, operational speeds and annual tonnages, and are also optimised to suit prevailing geotechnical conditions.

p1020400Track and turnouts are designed and manufactured in precast modular sections, with lengths to suit varying applications and handling constraints.

Applications include main lines, marshalling yards, ports, urban light rail, tunnels, tracks at passenger platforms, level crossings, and tracks in underground mines and at bulk loading sites.