Tubular Modular Track

Our railwaysml-DSC02855 track is similar to that of a mecanno set. With pre-manufacturing the track system is made up of twin reinforced concrete beams, linked with steel gauge bars, on which rails are continuously supported.

Tubular Track has installed hundreds of kilometres in mines, and has been installed at coal-loading and other sidings. The system has also provided a welcome solution to Metrorail passenger platforms, where consistent rail to platform heights have been achieved. Tubular Track is track that makes economical sense.

Benefits to using Tubular Modular Track:
  • TMT enables installation to be carried out at various points along the line thereby allowing accelerated installation programs. Logistically, TMT is of such a nature that materials can be delivered to any point along the line at any one time. TMT does not need to rely on completed sections of the line to bring in materials for installation
  • TMT, being pre-cast in modular sections, simplifies installation
  • TMT design reduces rail stresses, formation costs, construction time, life cycle costs, etc
  • Sand (desert environment) does not affect performance of TMT