Manufacture and Quality Assurance:

dsc02466a-2Tubular Track precast modules for track and turnouts are cast upside-down in steel moulds. The base plates of the moulds are laser-cut so that tolerances of manufacture to within 1mm is achieved in all modules.

Steel components (tie bars and straps) are fabricated by coded welders.

dsc02319ajpg-2Casting of modules is done in tubular netted polyethylene bags which are placed in the moulds after steel reinforcement has been slid into the bags. 30 MPa (28 days) concrete is then pumped into the bags, hence the name Tubular Track. This method of manufacture ensures that rail seats are perfectly formed on all modules, and that the steel components encircling the beams are tightly secured.

dsc03231A quality assurance programme for manufacture and installation has been set up in conjunction with Consulting Engineers, who also assisted with the audit system.