Tubular Track (Pty) Ltd was awarded a contract in Canada during 2019 for the supply of track and turnout modules to the Canadian mining industry.
Tubular Track is exporting specific steel components from South Africa while the TMT pre-cast modules are being manufactured locally in Canada. Tubular Track have sub-contracted a Canadian pre-casting company with adequate facility for this manufacture.

Due to COVID-19 lockdown which has affected all parties, it was decided to manufacture the turnout modules in South Africa in order to meet the installation program. These modules will then be shipped to Canada once completed.

The design of the underground system took into account use of the Canadian available rail and turnouts. Turnout drawings from the suppliers were made available to the Tubular Track design department and moulds were designed and manufactured to match the turnout foot prints. The turnout modules are designed to be dismantled (un-bolted) for transport underground due to conveyance constraints and then re-assembled underground.

This project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2020.